This is me, Jess. Hi. A lot of people said I should start a blog and I agreed, so here ya go.

I hope you have fun and that my writings and experiences bring you closer to the heart of God, the one true, not a fake god who doesn’t understand.

A little about me:

– My family is my world.

– My family is also not your normal family and they are the reason I am who I am. Thank you God.

– I am a child of God and my greatest desire is to know Him.

– I am a writer. I adore writing, it is just about the only thing I feel I was born to do. I love to write fantasy and children’s stories-if you’re lucky, I might post a little of my writing.

– I love creativity and seeing the genius in people.

– I am a book-worm and love a great story, whether in the form of a book, movie, or song.

– I want and honestly believe that I can change the world for better. There are a lot of things that seem naive and maybe this belief is, but as a Christian, as the person God created me to be, I believe that one person can make a great deal of a difference.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to keep you posted.

Happy reading! May you find peace.

Jess of Winter


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