The Stomping Elephants

Here is a story I wrote for my nephew. Let me know what you think!

 Mommy laid him down in his bed. “Now tell those elephants in your bed to be quiet and no stomping, or they’ll have sleep in the closet tonight. Good-night and sleep tight.” She said as she turned out the light and closed the door.
 “Coast is clear.” Said Puff the grey elephant.
 “But no stomping, I don’t want to have to go to the cold dark closet to spend the night.” Spots, the white elephant with the differently colored spots said.
 “Oh, but we won’t stomp too loud, so mommy won’t catch us.” Puff said.
 “No,” said the little boy. “No stomping, mother said.”
 “But we won’t stomp too much, just for a little while.” Said Fluff the blue elephant.
 “Exactly and precisely so.” Said the big brown elephant with spectacles.
 The elephants began to stomp, round and round the little boys bed.
 “Shhh! No stomping! Mother said.” The little boy whispered.
 But the elephants kept stomping, though Spots was the most reluctant stomper.
 The door suddenly opened and mother came in the room. “What did I tell you about letting those elephants stomp in your bed?”
 “But they won’t listen.” Said the little boy with two elephants in hand.
 “Well they’d better listen or they’ll have to go spend the night in the Lonely Dark Closet. Now go to sleep and no stomping!” She said as she closed the door.
 “You heard what she said, now let’s go to sleep.” The little boy said.
 “But I have jibbles.” Said Puff. “And I just can’t sit still.”
 “The jibbles? Oh no!” Said the little boy. “Do you think you can stomp quietly just a few times around the bed?”
 “I-I think so.” Said the shaking Puff.
 “Oh dear.” Said Fluff. “I’m beginning to get the jibbles as well!”
 “Oh dear!” Cried the little boy.
 “And me too!” Cried the big brown elephant.
 “I’m afraid I’m getting the jibbles as well.” Whispered Spots rather timidly.
 “But mother said no stomping.”
 “Just a few times around the bed, we’ll be quiet.” Said Puff.
 “Okay,” the little boy said “just three times around the bed, but then we’re gonna go to sleep.”
 “Alright.” Puff said, starting the stomping march around the little boys bed.
 Once, twice, thrice, and then another time.
 “Whoa, I said you could stomp around my bed three times not four! I don’t want you to have to go to Lonely Dark  Closet.” Said the little boy.
 “But the jibbles just won’t stop!” Cried Puff.
 “Yeah, the jibbles just won’t stop!” Agreed Fluff.
 “They just won’t stop!” Said the big brown elephant with spectacles.
 “I’m afraid they just won’t stop.” Whispered Spots.
 “Okay, it’s two more stomps around my bed, and then jibbles or not we gotta go to sleep.”
 Then the door opened and light flooded the room, making mothers shadow stretch all the way to the other side of the room. “My little boy, do I have to repeat myself?”
 “But mother, they all have the jibbles! And it just won’t stop!”
 “Well the jibbles had better stop or all these stomping elephants will have to spend the night in the Lonely Dark Closet. Now this is your last warning.” She said as she closed the door.
 “Now you heard what she said, let’s go to sleep!” The little boy pleaded.
 “But the jibbles won’t stop!” Cried Puff.
 “But you don’t want to spend the night in the Lonely Dark Closet do you?”
 “No.” Said grey Puff.
 “No.” Agreed green Fluff.
 “Absolutely no.” Sighed the big brown elephant.
 “No.” Whimpered poor Spots.
 “Then those jibbles better stop.”
 “But they won’t!” Cried Puff.
 “They won’t!” Cried Fluff.
 “Yeah!” Cried the big brown elephant.
 “Mine have.” Said Spots.
 “How did you get the jibbles to stop?” Said Puff admiringly.
 “I closed my eyes real hard and did a cartwheel.” Said Spots, demonstrating her skill.
 All the other elephants shut their eyes real hard and tried to do a cartwheel, but they all ended up on a heap on the floor!
 “Oh dear.” Said Spots peering over the edge of the bed to look down on the heap of her fellow elephants. “That may be worse than stomping around the little boys bed!”
 “But my jibbles have stopped!” Cried Puff.
 “Yeah, my jibbles have stopped!” Agreed Fluff.
 “Mine too!” Cried the big brown elephant with spectacles.
 “Then hurry and get beck up here so we can go to sleep!” Wispered the little boy. “And please be quiet!”
 So all the elephants scrambled up the side of the bed and laid down next to the little boy, where he put Puff under one arm, and Spots under the other arm and Fluff and the big brown elephant under the covers next to him.
 The door opened and mother appeared in the doorway. “Are those elephants stomping?”
 “No mommy.” Said the little boy.
 “I thought I heard stomping in here.”
 “No mommy, all the elephants stopped stomping.”
 “Very good. I’m glad they stopped stomping. I love you sweet, good night.”
 “I love you too mommy, goodnight.”
 And that is how all those elephants in the little boys bed stopped stomping and went to sleep.
 The end.

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