God Sees Me

A little bit of the old me-the real me-emerged just now.

3AM and I couldn’t sleep. I was super angry at first but then I read for a couple of hours and that cooled me down-but I still couldn’t sleep. Lately I’ve been so stressed I haven’t been able to sleep and tonight I knew I needed something.

So I went out and sat by the tree in the backyard. At 3AM. In my PJs. In the dark.

It was glorious!

Wow-I’ve had peace for the first time in months. I feel good! Can you believe it? I feel like I believe in fairy tales again, like life is one big romance again. There was a bad spot there-one that may not be over, but for now I’m listening to lullabies and sitting beneath my twinkle lights after being refreshed and having just experienced beauty, having just had my belief in all things good restored.

God is here. God is now. And most importantly,

God sees me

God is beautiful-and He created such beauty! Russian olive trees, dirt, the smell of dirt, grass, peace, He created trees which to me represent everything peaceful and beautiful.

And He created stories. He has inspired so many truly wonderful stories, stories that have deeply touched me, stories that have left their mark on me, stories that in their own way prove that love is real, that goodness is real, that light is attainable. Stories like The Secret Garden, The Tale of Desperoux, The Legend of Holly Claus, The Hobbit, The Dark Is Rising Series and so many more… Stories have shaped my life and my heart and taught me about God.

In short, life is good. God is good.

And find the beauty in everything. Amen and good-night.



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