And then it hits you,

You really are leaving. You really are going into this adult thing.

And it’s not that you’ll be alone, you know you’ll meet plenty of people, but from now on it’s all you. Sure you can get advice from others, but this is your life. No more hiding behind other people and their opinions, this is you, this is your blank canvas. Some of the outlines have already been drawn by your childhood.

Will you color inside the lines or find the edge of the canvas?

Who are you and what do you want to happen?

And if you’re not careful, what you don’t want to happen will happen. Watch where you step. Be smart.

I have a great community here. I have support here. I just had my graduation party, and man, not only was it fun but it was, it was deep. This was safe, this was family. And sure I’ll come back during the Summer, this isn’t the end, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is the beginning.

Everything else was a prelude. Setting the stage. Making me into a specific person.

Let’s see what she does.


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