Last night I found myself wondering,

If I could go anywhere (and I mean ANYwhere), where would I go? Europe, Narnia, Middle Earth, China, New York, the Land of the Immortals (a.k.a., the North Pole for anyone who doesn’t know Holly Claus)… I found the answer in some of my favorite books. Either the Land of the Immortals (created by Brittany Ryan), or the England of the Old Ones in The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper, or The Secret Garden. Why?

The Land of the Immortals is special for me because it has both whimsical and wise characters, and such an enchanting and magical world of snow and nature. The story that holds this place shows the importance and power of innocence and beauty.

The world of the Old Ones. This place of people is important to me because it signifies many things: trial for good, satisfaction in coming through the trial, and the benefit of fighting for something good. The series, The Dark Is Rising, also shows the significance of a close-knit family which I myself have experienced and greatly appreciate.

The Secret Garden makes the list because it has such a peaceful, life-altering beauty about it. The calm and quiet of that place seeps into my soul and allows my to breathe; this is not only refreshing, but needed in everyday life.

While I would LOVE to travel everywhere (both real and imaginary), I wish I could travel through time as well as through space (a TARDIS would be so handy…). So many of the places I want to experience are on my list because of the stories that I associate with those places — for instance, Wales. Wales is a fascinating and magical place simply because one of my favorite books, The Grey King by Susan Cooper, is based there and filled with old English mythology and lore. I would like to cross the ocean and explore the mountains over there, but mostly I wish I could go back in time and watch history unfold in that part of the world.

So many stories to hold onto, to breath in. Stories have a way of becoming a apart of you, accepting you as you hear, see, or experience them, and then they continue to teach you things throughout your life; when you relive a story, it never ends, it continues on and often changes, showing you different things and sides that you had not seen before, thereby changing your perspective and teaching you different things forever.

Because of all the above, stories, and the places that these stories hold, enchant me. Stories are magical places that I journey to in order to grow and learn from their characters; and escape from my own story when I need to pause life and catch a breath of quiet, still, peace.

Where would you go if you could travel inside the world of stories?


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