Experiences and Ratatouille

Words are amazing. Usually words are enough. They can describe something so perfectly, it’s almost magical.

But sometimes, they’re not enough.

Have you ever seen Ratatouille? It’s an animated movie by PIXAR about a rat who becomes a chef. It’s quite fantastic. In the movie, the rat (who’s name is Remy) gives his brother a slice of cheese. The screen goes black as it shows Remy’s brother eating the cheese. There’s music and soft lights go across the screen. Then Remy gives his brother a strawberry. There’s different music and fireworks exploding. Then Remy tells his brother to eat the two together. There are soft lights dancing around, fireworks, and music.

Sometimes I wish I could hand someone a slice of cheese and a strawberry rather than try to describe whatever is going on. Then they would look at me and say, “yes. That’s exactly it.”

As great and magical as words can be, some experiences cannot be defined.


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